Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy to see more volunteers

With growing impact of inspirational and motivating talks by Inspiration Unlimited on young people of India, I am happy to see more number of students volunteering to take part in different social initiatives taken up by IU. Hence I take this opportunity to congratulate and thank each of these volunteers who are coming forward to contribute their bit to our society.
Starting with, an NGO which aims at eliminating hunger from the world, Hitesh.G from Vijaya college along with his group of volunteers from the same college has been able to reach out to more than 2000 people with the message of not wasting food. IUNPB - IUNewspaperbag project has just multiplied in its impact of reaching more than 1 lakh newspaperbags being made throughout the country. VVN college was the recent wholesale contributor to take up this project and execute it successfully. IUY2C - IUYouth-to-Children campaign of promoting the teaching to under-privileged by the youth of colleges has taken a great shape in reaching thousands of students being educated on different lines of basic education. IU Cares has just been expanding its wings in different horizons through book donation and other campaigns.
All such developments have been possible only because of more number of volunteers jumping into the working and execution of all these projects. We need more number of young people to take part in such projects and project the impact even much higher. It shall happen only by sharing about such ideas with our friends. Do share about your ideas on

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