Sunday, February 10, 2013

Follow your heart and.....

'Follow your heart and the world shall follow you!' is the quote on which I shall blog about here. Just to remind, this quote is taken from the book 'Life Simplified!' authored by Sujit Lalwani, an enthusiastic young individual who has represented India in many global conferences and competitions. In today's world with the number of options available, people are really confused as to what they need to follow and the quote provides the solution for the same.
Each one of us have massive dreams of making it big on this planet. We want name, fame, money, reputation and a lot more. In short we want the entire world to follow us. Hence we are in pursuit of searching opportunities which can earn us worldwide recognition so that the entire world knows us. However in doing so, we end up in stuff which we are totally disinterested in and do it just for the sake of our meaningless desires which fade away as the diappointment from the work we are involved in grows more and more. Hence the author suggests in this quote to not do what the world wants but to do what your heart tells you to. When one is engaged in work that s/he is passionate about then obviously s/he will put in all the energy and time into the work to make sure that the maximum output is earned. When the returns out of your work are more, for sure the entire world is watching you and notices your success.
World is not bothered about what you do as long as your work doesn't influence its inhabitants' lives. The moment your passion scales high numbers of influence casted, world starts turning around and looks up to you to help it grow more and better. So when this happens, you will be able to guide the entire world only if you are following your heart and not doing something just for the sake of seeking attention of the people around you. You too can share your views on
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