Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Follow up, don't fall down

As I have been involved in sales and marketing for quite sometime now, it's been a huge learning experience for sure. Your sales presentation is the only thing that you have the complete control over for a good long amount of time once your time of presentation has been agreed upon by your client/customer. The next step, once your presentation is done is that of closing the sale. Intermediary to this comes the follow-up which eventually will help your towards closing the sale and majority of the salesmen fail in this crucial step of follow-up.
Follow-up is the step when you reapproach your potential customer to find out if s/he needs any clarifications about her/his confusions or answers for any questions. During follow-up, you get the second chance of re-citing the key points from your presentation that shall be highly attractive for the customer. Many hesitate to go for following up the customer because they feel that they're troubling the customer with one more call or meeting and eating away his/her time. Unfortunately this is not the case. Each customer needs another meeting with you to understand clearly about your product or proposal but s/he is not too keen to call you and find out. Hence you have to initiate the call from your side to follow up. Obviously some salesmen follow up in such a way which forces the client to buy the product which is completely wrong. Follow-up should be the discussion where in you explain how well your proposal or product might benefit the customer and enhance his/her life/business. You should be able to show different dimensions in which the customer can enjoy the benefits from your proposal.
Follow up shows your real care towards the customer. Hence there is no need to shy away from following up your client. Even a customer who has rejected your proposal during your presentation might convert his NO to a YES just by your sound follow-up. Hence don't fall down for a rejection, rise up and follow up once again to get a confirmation. Feel free to share about your views on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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