Sunday, February 17, 2013

Command is Comfort/Commotion?

Yet another powerful quote spills out from the book 'Life Simplified!' to spread into a blog. Hats off! to the author Sujit Lalwani who is not just a blogger or just a speaker or an author but also a mentor to many. This fabulous quote stating how even a comforting word can become a command while a command itself might put someone into commotion just summarises the working of the world. This quote aptly provides the reason why people listen to only some leaders.
It is not a very uncommon situation when you shall see that people listen to only selected set of leaders though a lot many of them command the people to execute the same orders. Sometimes we just keep wondering as to why people react to the same command in different ways just because it comes from two different people. A very simple example is that of hardwork. Our parents and teachers keep advising us to work hard all through our childhood and we always find it very tough but when the same is advised by someone who is a celebrity we take it very seriously. When just a simple suggestion comes from a person who has worked and achieved a lot, our subconscious mind automatically registers it as a valuable input and puts it under the to-do list whereas when the same point comes from a person who is not the idol figure whom we are looking upto, we feel it as a forced pressure and a commotion to handle.
Now coming to the side of issuing command, you shall be received with your suggestions and opinions only if you are a person who has worked and proved that your suggestions and opinions have practically worked and yielded results else you can be damn sure that people will definitely listen to your orders but shall execute none because they haven't seen you reaping the benefits of your own advices. I don't command, I just ask for a friendly feedback from you on
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