Sunday, February 17, 2013

Autograph in my heart

It was yet another powerfully empowering talk at VVN degree college on 12th of February, 2013. The talk was scheduled for the evening college students from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Poornima mam, the Vice Principal for evening college had got this motivational talk organised in order to motivate students to work towards their academic excellence and also to set up goals in their lives. Hitesh.G, a BBM final year student accompanied me during this talk and later Bharath.G.C sir and Kunal sir joined us adding more colour to the event.
I started with my initial talk about attitude of gratitude and as I went on there was a small chunk of audience which was responding with irrelevant and careless answers for some of my serious questions. Exactly at the same time even the microphone stopped working. I had to reach out to 250+ crowd with the highest energy possible. It took a real toll on my vocal cords but it was the necessity of the hour. As the talk took its shape empowering those majority who needed the lessons from the talk, the voices of the irritating minority gradually descreased. It was a shocker to the vice-principal to see that those students who would make all the noise possible even if a class extended by a minute after 8:30pm were keenly listening though it was already 9 pm. I touched the topics of inferiority complex, leg-pulling, peer pressure, breaking of fear, self-appreciation and a lot more through examples of Lizzie Velasquez, Ashok Shankar Rathod and others which brought in a new wave of inspiration in all the students. The high decibel level of their applauds and their staying back for half an hour even after the official class hours were the live proofs for the success of the event.
At the end of this powerful energetic session, people came on stage to share their past feelings and experiences fearlessly. One of the students even took a challenge that she shall be the best innovator in India in next two years. Photographs and autographs followed when one of the girls came and told me that she wouldn't take my autograph on paper because she had already taken my autograph in her heart during the talk. This was really one of the most heart-touching feedback that I had ever heard. If you want to share any feedback, please share it on

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