Monday, January 14, 2013

The idea matters

Just few days back I had written a blog about executing the ideas and thoughts that come to our mind. After I wrote about how people tend to deviate away from work and don't execute what they think, I switched the frame of reference to those people who are always
thinking and simultaneously executing a lot of their plans. Then I realised that the execution of each and every idea that comes to the mind of such people is very difficult because ideas run a lot faster than execution. That is when I read a famous anecdote and concluded that execution is a must when the idea matters despite all constraints of time, money and human resources.
Once two people were travelling in a train. The second person was really awed by the persona carried by the first person. That is when the first person shared his vision with the second person to create an institution for science, technology and innovation. The result of this sharing of an idea was IISC- Indian Institute of Science, the second person was J.R.D.Tata while the first person was none other than Swami Vivekananda. This was the anecdote that completely took my thought to another higher level of perception. It's always not possible by us to execute each and every idea of ours due to different constraints. Sometimes people feel that they cannot share an idea of thiers with others because it might be stolen away from them and they might not get the credit. Other times people might also feel that without them doing the work by themselves first, they cannot ask or guide someone else to execute the idea. As a result of any of these confusions, finally the idea doesn't materialise into execution which is once again a loss for this world.
Once an idea comes to a person's mind which has the capacity to do good to the human society it must be executed. If the same person who got the idea cannot execute it either due to lack of prior experience or insufficient resources, it must be shared with people and for sure he shall find one person who will take the idea to the execution step. At the end of the day all that matters is execution of an idea which really matters to our world. Feel free to share your ideas about this blog on

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