Friday, January 25, 2013

Revolutions have happened and shall happen again

Industrial revolution, White revolution, Green revolution, American revolution etc have happened in the history and have been recorded very strongly. Massive rapid changes have taken place due to such revolutions which have completely changed the face of nations. If revolutions have occured in the previous past then it is obvious that revolutions shall take place in the future also. Revolutions took place when masses were worn out with the recurring odd times and few couraged up to lead all of them to fight the system and change it for the better. So if you're frustrated with the number of odd things happening around then just get ready for one more revolution.
Every system is designed to be in a stable state and only then equilibrium can exist to maintain the required balance. But disturbances are bound to occur in any system. So when such perturbances penetrate the system, it slides to one side. This goes on until the tipping point when the system is about to completely fail and become extinct and that is the exact point when the threshold of pain is reached by the majority existing in the system. Since never any system can become obsolete, it has to be brought back to balance where majority in the system are happy with the system. At such times occur revolutions which restore the harm caused through decades in a matter of few years. The only deceiving part of a revolution is that people will not even have an idea when it is about to occur which they least expected in their entire lifetime.
It is a disheartening fact today to hear that people have even lost the hope that the world shall change into a better one due to regular bad things that are happening around day in and day out. If Mahatma Gandhiji had given up his hopes upon Indian freedom within first ten years of his freedom struggle, then probably we wouldn't have got our freedom during 1947 itself. If Mother Theresa had given up hopes on serving the numerous patients then probably the world wouldn't have known the real meaning of 'service to mankind'. The reason they created a revolution in what they did was because they believed in their vision and fought every circumstance to bring it into reality. Hence amidst the millions who have lost hope on positive change in this world, you have to decide whether you still want to remain in those millions or want to step ahead into the group of those few who shall create a revolution that shall change the life of those millions for the better because revolutions are bound to happen. You can surely share your participation on

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