Thursday, January 03, 2013

Negotiation - VIP

Negotiation is a very important power that needs to be present in every person who is willing towards becoming an entrepreneur. It's an art that simultaneously gets tested and developed during run time always. A simple phone call of negotiation can save good amount of money, time, energy and help you in the most crucial times is what I have learnt and experienced. Thanks to the best pair of brothers who taught me a sample of this amazing skill right at the required moment and hence this blog is dedicated to the Lalwani brothers.
Many a times it happens with us that we shy away from negotiating with people. While there is a different expectation in our mind, we fail to express it in front of others either because of fear of rejection or feeling of what will the other person think about me. It becomes a prestige issue to disagree to what the other person says. Sometimes we tend to feel that if we negotiate about what we want exactly the other person might feel we are either too stingy or might throw negative comments. All these are just feelings which are just instantaneous, all of which will subside as soon as the discussion is over and what remains is what both the parties have agreed upon and if we have agreed to those terms that are not beneficial to us we end up on the losing side of not the discussion but our money, time and energy.
It can't happen all the time that we agree to whatever the other party has to say w.r.t their norms and rules and end up accepting all of them at the cost of our resources. So it becomes highly important to learn and practise the art of negotiation by which we bring up our concerns and make the other party alter and adjust their conditions such that both the parties benefit. Obviously there stays a feeling in us as to why should we invest that much amount of time in negotiating, rather we can go ahead and finish off the process soon but this feeling is only during the initial times. This fades away soon as we start interacting with more number of people and negotiate more and bigger deals. The world is not fair to give you exactly what you want exactly the way you want it. So negotiating becomes a very important and an essential art and skill to develop for all those who wish to make big things happen and I feel entrepreneurs and businessmen can never survive in their fields without sharpening their skill of negotiation.

Once again, a big thanks to Sumit Lalwani sir and Sujit Lalwani sir for sharing and teaching this amazing art. Keep blessing and keep sharing more lessons of life sir. Friends! do post in your experiences of negotiation on