Friday, January 18, 2013

How far can you plan?

Planning is an essential asset that is required for every person on this planet today in this fast progressing world. So how far can one plan is a question of interest. Generally people have short term, mid term and long term plans. These plans vary based on the time required to accomplish the short term, mid term and long term goals. However when a person is involved in planning, it is not just for what length of time is the plan made which is important but how detailed the plan is, is also very important. So when I ask 'how far can you plan?', I refer to both the length and depth of planning.
Everyone has to do something or the other to pass time. Some might work while some might play while others might just rest. The human mind is so well tuned to continuous activity that it keeps asking for what is the next task. As a result everyone of us has some idea about what to do next. This is where we can differentiate between A stars and rest of them. How well and far planned is your next activity determines your course of life. People who are in pursuit of their visions, goals and dreams generally are aware about all the minutest details of their plan and also have a rough picture of the next plan such that it progresses towards accomplishment of their visions. They even chart out a time plan so as to complete the different steps of the plan. The rest might just have an idea on what to do next and might think about its execution only during run time. Unfortunately such people end up with reasons and excuses more than results. They shall have no idea about what is supposed to be done after that activity. This is where we take our time, resources and life for granted.
Whenever you are into an activity you must be aware about at least 5-10 next steps as to how you will grow and master that activity and also what you would be achieving at each step. Sometimes people jump into work out of curiosity or temporary motivation without understanding the long-term goal of that work. When their immediate targets are reached, they find themselves clueless about how to continue further, whether to continue further or change. Hence whenever you're planning to jump into something try to make a plan which has depth as well as longevity. You can share your opinions on

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