Thursday, January 10, 2013

Furor of frustration

Happiness is the main goal of life for everyone be it rich or poor. People have difficulties of their own at their own levels. Sometimes there is so much of confusion amidst the well defined clarity. People closest to you fail to understand your feelings sometimes. Other times you yourself are tied up by the principles you start following and cannot come out of them nor express your discomfort. At such times occurs furor of frustration.
The worst part about frustration is that one tries to first come out of it before doing anything else. The only way to come out of frustration is by throwing it out of you. Until then there is sadness that cannot be soothed very easily. The zeal just gets sucked out and it's a strange confusion between boring work or demotivated feelings. One more dangerous part with frustration is that the more it is compressed within without being vent out, the more it keeps compounding. At the end of the day time passes away and even the individual is helpless to do anything about it than controlling his frustration from harming anyone else or hurting anyone else's feelings and just talk to oneself continuously until the mind is calmed down and ready to think about further work. Work takes a beating for sure at such times. At such times I just suggest you not to punish yourself for anything. We set certain principles against which we cannot go due to certain influences and at times we aren't able to live up to the same. It doesn't indicate one's own failure or question the integrity of the principle. It just requires some time for you to get accustomed to those hard principles which you might not believe but are enforced upon you which can bring about a good impact in your growth.
It's true that we must avoid negative feelings but alas! we are humans, just normal humans who are not sages who have sacrificed everything in this world and just meditating and performing penances for salvation. There are certain commitments upon our shoulders to be fulfilled that may not be our passions. At times negative feelings are bound to occur. Just make sure that they don't have negative impact on anyone else and give sufficient amount of time to oneself to heal from them and once again breathe a fresh life. Really looking forward to your thoughts on this blog on

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