Monday, January 07, 2013

Competition generates concentration

Once again one of the phenomenal concepts poured out during an interesting discussion today with my mentor. Lot of people have this question in mind as to how can they develop concentration. Some suggest to do deep breathing while some others suggest to keep oneself completely away from all disturbances and distractions and work. There are 'n' number of other ways too suggested by some others. Instead of seeing at different methods as to how to develop concentration, let's go directly to the roots of exactly when do we have the highest amount of concentration.
The simple answer is during competitions. I am sure that everyone shall agree with this because only competitions are those ocassions that test our abilities in comparison to the rest. Here I am not including anything regarding spirituality and meditation as I am talking only about how to develop concentration which is a major problem among students.Probably some might feel that they have the highest concentration while playing some games or watching a movie. While playing games, I do agree because it's once again a competition against the computer but I disagree with watching a movie because I can challenge that none of us can remember all the scenes and dialogues of a movie exactly after just the first watch. If the movie is a really interesting one the phase during which our mind is distracted is very limited and we feel as if we had concentrated the entire three hours.
Only during competitions does the mind is fully aware that if it doesn't focus all its attention towards the work at hand, it shall lose the competition and suffer the consequences. The competition forces the mind to concentrate during the complete stretch of time because only who concentrates the most and the best gets the right moves and right answers and eventually shall win the competition. A human mind doesn't want to lose a challenge thrown open to all equally. Hence competition gives an adequate and equal chance to all those who participate. You can share your opinions on

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