Monday, January 28, 2013

Awareness ~ route to fearlessness

27th of January, 2013 was just an awesome day. Early morning car driving followed by a fantastic activity of meals donation accompanied with brithday celebrations of one of my closest friends, Bharath.G.C alongwith a chance to listen to Sulibele Chakravarthy at JAGO BHARATH function. However this blog is dedicated to the most loyal and humble person whom I have met in my life, my dear friend Bharath.G.C who shared this awesome lesson with the entire team of IU, "Awareness~ route to fearlessness".
Generally, we are afraid of those things which we haven't faced yet in our lives. We are afraid of them because we lack awareness about them. We are unaware about how might that thing or situation be. A simple example is that of darkness or spirits. People are afraid of darkness because they don't know what might happen during darkness if they take any step, people are afraid of spirits because they don't know what to do if they ever come across them. All the fear is due to the earlier heard stories about how darkness or spirits have harmed someone. Basically without having experienced oneself or have given a chance to oneself to face the fear, unwareness itself creates a fear. If one knows very clearly that whenever there is darkness one just needs to light a lamp or move towards a source of light, all fears vanish. As we grow in life we expect things to be as we want them to be. What we want depends on what we have seen earlier in life. Anything new about which we are not aware instantly creates a fear in us stopping us from trying it out.
Hence, knowing and learning more will always help us take action to expand our horizons in those directions. The action taking step itself defines that one is fearless. Once you have learned about the consequences that your action might reap then you have a clear idea in mind as to how to take the first step. The route to take action is to be fearless and the best way to develop fearlessness is by getting more and more awareness. Thanks to Bharath.G.C sir for sharing this wonderful lesson. You can pour in your thoughts on

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