Friday, January 18, 2013

A glimpse about ebooks

Nowadays we find lot of people reading, playing, talking, enjoying and doing hundred of other things just on their electronic gadgets. Mobile phones, tablets, phablets, PCs, laptops have changed the way of life from what it was just about 2 decades back. All the knowledge that we accumulate is either by reading or listening. Coming to reading part, books were the main source of information until the advent of internet. With internet entering our households, schools and universities from cyber centres, internet became a powerful storehouse of information in-house and books got reduced to certain extent. About just 5-6 years back, with internet entering our smartphones alongwith launch of tablets in the market, lot of people have moved away from traditional printed books to ebooks.
More than 60% of the population in US relies on ebooks for information. Since the preservation of old books in the form of paper is becoming difficult, they are converted into ebooks for eternal preservation of information. Moreover ebooks avoid the carrying of heavy books and save on the printing cost. They also help in reducing the cutting down of trees for paper. However few people do argue that ebooks with all the hyperlinks in them make it easy for readers to get distracted towards some other content and hence the whole purpose of reading a book is defeated. Still many favour the same as an advantage as it helps to refer a lot many sources at one single place without running around to fetch different books. ebooks are available at affordable costs on online centres such as iBookstore, Amazon's kindle, Aldiko reader and lot of other e-retailers and can be bought with just few clicks of a button and online shopping. With the ebooks era, competition to acquire the ebooks market share is also growing. Some ebooks are being sold for a mere cost of 2cents while some free of cost just to encourage more and more people to get engaged to the habit of reading books online on their smart devices.
India and brazil are the next big markets for ebooks industry though it is still in its nascent stage in these two countries. 17 to 24% of adults having access to internet have bought an ebook from these countries. With growing middle class economy and availability of economic smartphone-like devices, the growth of ebooks industry is forecasted to be very positive in coming years. Some even predict that in next 50 years, printed books might become extinct and be only found in museums as almost everyone would be reading ebooks. Do research more on ebooks as it is one of the modern age businesses. Do pass on your suggestions on ebooks on

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