Wednesday, November 14, 2012


IUNPB20112012 means IUNewspaperbag project on November 20th,2012. I had just given a small introduction of this mighty project in the previous blog. Then I thought of informing you completely on these lines. IUnewspaperbag is one of the Ambassador projects taken up alongwith OneYoungWorld, a globally reknowned organization. The link you can check out about this project is here - ' act_area_nid=4716&country%5B%5D=in&title= '. So this November 20th,2012, on the occassion of International Children's day this team is aiming to create 1,00,000 newspaperbags to create a mega awareness on the message of reducing the usage of plastics and recycling. Let's support this cause whole-heartedly.

It's a great news to know for every Indian that this project born in India is being supported by 26 other countries of the world. Anyone above the age of 18 can volunteer for this project to be a part of a mark in history. More than 20 schools of Bangalore will be participating in this project because it's happening on International Children's Day and the children shall be the right people to carry forward the message of saving and making our environment better. Hats off to the vision of Er. Sujit Lalwani and his team of IU {Inspiration Unlimited} who have taken up this daring task. Also not to forget to mention Ms. Beena Chowdary, a law degree student who has been appointed as the CVH (Chief Volunteering Head) to carry out this project. She has got friends in Meghalaya and Chennai also agree to participate in this campaign. Then entire step to step procedure of how to make a newspaperbag which can hold 5-6kg easily has been shown by her in the video .

Friends! The entire report of this project shall be presented at OneYoungWorld 2013/14 conference in Johannesberg in Africa. Every school's logo would be added in the report presented at the summit. This event shall showcase the magnanimous impact that can be created by a huge team oriented towards a particular goal in a matter of just 2 to 3 hours. So, if you also want to volunteer and be a part of a historical event like this, do message or call on +91 9916034862 or +91 7829414616. You can even drop in your messages on

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