Saturday, November 17, 2012

Get ridiculed, teased, scolded, rejected and neglected

In today's sophiscated society, many are afraid of even receiving one negative comment on facebook also. That is the level of mental defence that many are trying to portray today. No one wants to be laughed at, no one wants to be at the end of receiving bad reviews as well. Everyone wants to present the best image of their's in others' eyes irrespective of the real hidden truth. Unfortunately people are heeding to what others say than what they know about themselves.

I remember a interview incident that took place between one of the famous directors from India by name K.Balachander and the superstar of Indian movies Dr. Rajnikanth. In this interview K.Balachander sir regretted that in the initial stages of Rajnikanth's career, he had scolded Rajnikanth many a times and today after seeing Rajnikanth grow to a Godly image for the people of India, he felt he had done such a foolish mistake of scolding such a star human being. This simple incident showed me two phases. One is, you are not a big-shot and you are scolded. Second, the day you become the big-shot those people regret who scolded you initially. So just don't get offended just because someone throws a negative comment at you. People exist to pull you down on spirits and enthusiasm, they will ridicule, tease, scold, reject, neglect your thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, words, actions, achievements and a lot more. Are you ready to grow so big that the very same people should regret their actions towards you at a later point of time?

Remember! every revolution is first rejected, then neglected and later accepted. Many fail to fuel their fire of passion in the first two stages itself seeing the responses of the people. Better not heed to the response at all until you reach the third stage. If you are sure to work and accomplish the task you have taken up then be ready to get ridiculed, teased, scolded, rejected and neglected. I will be glad to accept your feedback on

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