Sunday, October 14, 2012

When it hurts, it's EGO

EGO means 'Eliminating Growing Opportunities'. We are born as human beings and probably we are the only set of species who can be hurt even without touching us. Words are the most powerful weapons than even bazookas sometimes. Probably the mythological stories which spoke of shaapas, by which any person could make the other person suffer just by uttering few words are the real proofs of the power that words have in them. Every weapon has a destination to destroy. Ego is the destination that we build in ourselves as we grow up to destroy our very own self-being.

No doubt that ego is the negative emotion that we have built in ourselves. Please don't confuse self-esteem with ego which most of them do when they say "I don't have ego but I cannot give up my self-esteem". Friends! the word 'self-esteem' in itself has the word 'self' which means it's applicable for the self only. When you respect yourself and you maintain your integrity to keep up to the respect in your own eyes for youself then you have your self-esteem guarded very well and no one can even touch it to disturb it. The moment you are hurt by a simple comment or tease or act of someone else towards you, then alarm yourself that it was not your self-esteem which got hurt but it was your ego. When you are right in your own eyes, self-esteem can't be disturbed at all but when you feel bad that other person doesn't value you as you value yourself then it's the ego that gets hurt and makes you feel bad.

I have come across a lot of irrelevant comments and ridicules about myself in the past and as experience grew I could only realise that these were logically irrelevant and I was still feeling bad about them because I had set my expectations as to how people should respect me. This was the wall of ego that I had built in myself which I completely shattered as time passed by to make sure that the destination to destroy itself didn't exist anymore. Since then any hard words just pass through my ears without even entering my heart. Destroy the wall of ego in the self because no weapon is thrown when there is no target. I don't mind asking my dear readers for feedback again and again as there is no ego to get hurt if I don't get any on