Saturday, October 06, 2012

No need to convince all

Every new idea is first ignored, ridiculed and then accepted. There is not even a single philosophy in the world which has been accepted and followed by all 700 crore plus population on this earth. In fact there is a rule itself which says "Every rule has an exception". There
is not even a single system of governance which has been implemented by all countries/states. Still the world runs fine.

There has been a big invisible barrier on the innovative mind that blocks it to think further the moment it sees rejection of its thoughts by a few people around. Everyone on this planet has the best ideas to make this world a better place. Unfortunately all do not have the same ideas and even if some set of people have the same ideas, they are in different parts of the world unknown to each other. In such a scenario, clashes and arguments are bound to happen among people of different schools of thought and no doubt that these will filter out the best ideas for our future. Its a pity to see that today's youth has been pampered so much with all their wishes that a simple rejection of their thought or idea hurts them badly. Hence they are hiding all the information and ideas within themselves with the fear of being unable to convince everyone who doubt their thoughts. Friends! you have to accept that you will be unable to convince all because some won't accept the same what you accept either out of difference of opinions or ego or plain ignorance.

You are born on this earth to convey and pass on a message that you are convinced about that will do good to the world. Like death is a sure fact that we have accepted, accept that rejection of your ideas is also a normal sure-shot fact. You don't have to argue with anyone to convince them and make them accept your point. Keep informing everyone about your idea. Some will reject, some will ignore, some will ridicule while there will be a set of people who will accept your idea. Keep building this circle of acceptance by spreading your idea among lot of people and simultaneously keep implementing your idea as well. Some years down the lane, you need not speak of your idea, the work itself will stand as a proof and convince everyone.
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