Thursday, October 11, 2012

How does LOVE happen?

I am sure that you have had this question in your mind at one or the other points of your life. If not, you will have it right now as you continue reading this blog. Life is filled with so many emotions and feelings but no doubt that LOVE takes the highest priority among all these. Love is the feeling that bonds any relationship stronger. However in this blog I would love to dwelve into the topic of love that happens between two human beings which is not related to any blood-line, probably that tingling feeling that you have in your stomach when you catch a sight of the special someone.

Movies have glamourised this love to an extent that the same concept of love keeps taking different forms in every new movie and they are afraid to showcase the same type of love which has become very stereotypical. No doubt that many of us are influenced with movies and most of us end up our conclusions based on such movie-type of love. Does love happen when a boy sees a beautiful girl in the bus stand? So was it beauty that attracted love! Does love happen when a girl sees a brave boy fighting off the goons? Was it the bravery and fighting skills that attracted love! Does love happen when a colleague helps out the other in office work? Helping selected colleagues lead to love! Does love happen when a girl is impressed with singing/dancing/speaking or any other skills of the boy? So, special extra-curricular skills were the reason for the birth of love! Does love happen when people are married through a arranged marriage? If you don't love after marriage there is no other option, right! Does love happen when a guy satisfies every desire of a girl? Fulfilling desires was the way to love! Does love happen when the person goes to the extent of sacrificing life for the sake of love? Sacrificing life for love, impressive but is it practical?

Probably this is one of the very few blogs where I am not conveying any message of mine. These are some of the questions that keep running on my mind and I am damn sure that many of you also have this in mind. Love is a feeling that everyone desires to feel at the earliest point in life but the only issue is that not even a single person knows as to how love happens. All the best to you if you are awaiting for such a experience. You can wish me as well on


  1. Kya Baath hain sirji, Full on provoking questions.

    You don't need a reason to fall in Love.
    So, there is no question of why?

    But your question is How it happens?

    The answer is very very simple

    It just happens...

    1. Yes sir, absolutely true that it just happens. Question is 'how does LOVE just happen?'

    2. "When the Heart Beat varies randomly even when there is no Heart Problems"

    3. It happens many a times and has happened many a times. Biologically hormones are to be blamed

  2. I really agree that the questions are provoking but this quetions are moreover cinematic. I also agree with the fact that this movies influence the thinking and perception of people, but the sad fact is that this are all misguiding factors(bec of influence of movies) to define the holy feeling called LOVE.. In my opinion LOVE doesn't depend on any of the above factors. LOVE is all about taking the TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PERSON. LOVE is genuine care from the bottom of your heart towards somebody and their LIFE. Making sure to be with them in any circumstances, GOOD or BAD. Giving them the best happiness through your care and not through material delights. LOVE happens when somebody feels secured with You and is true vice versa as well.. Happy to share that the same topic had left me pondering few months ago and I had penned down my opinion,below is the link to my blog-

    Pl do lemme know your opinion.THANKS.

  3. Replies
    1. No way sir. I am happy that you shared your feelings