Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whom To Blame?

Accidents are common incidents in today's busy and urgent lifestyle scenarios. Sometimes its hard to distinguish between accidents and coincidents also. Whenever good happens there is seldom a search for the reason for that goodness that happened. In fact there is a wide claim that spreads among all present in the situation to be responsible in their own ways for the good that happened. But when something turns out to be bad, fingers start raising and pointing in all directions apart from the reverse direction. So whom to blame in such circumstances?

I am very sure that you would have witnessed many scenarios where in two individuals end up in a conflict either by oversight or sheer negligence from both the ends. If you are a viewer in any of such cases your logical mind can easily contemplate as to how the conflict could have been avoided with just few small precautions from either of the sides and the complete problem would have been in void. In most of such cases you would have seen that both the parties in conflict would be blaming one another until their energy and the angry emotions lose strength. Probably there are very few instances where either of the parties or both understand the entropy of the accident and smile away back. If at all there is a hurt caused on any one of them, more focus would be diverted to heal the hurt than to fight over it as to who was the real reason for it when sane minds are involved.

The above paragraph was just a simple common everyday example. If you can view at a global level you can see that the same scenario exists everywhere. People with power blame that others don't listen to them while the others feel that people with power aren't using it properly. Both are just blaming each other. The only solution to avoid this blaming game is by cooperation between both the parties to achieve the defined objectives. Remember friends! blame is not a game it's a shame.
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