Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lack is Luck

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This is an adage that has stood true till date and will remain true forever. Whenever the human mind has felt a lack of something that has always set a process of thoughts to run in order to solve the lacking. Today no one has to invent a pen because it already exists. When there was a need for a device that could be used to write on paper and which could be used again and again just by refilling, man invented the pen. Not just with invention of materialistic things, lack plays a very important role in the discovery of the self as well.

I remember one of the interviews of Shah Rukh Khan where he had mentioned that he was afraid of being poor and hence he worked very hard to become rich and famous. You would have read or heard many such similar stories where in some people would have felt a strong desire for having something in their childhood but due to the lack of resources they or their family couldn't afford what they wanted. This lacking fills in a very strong motivating factor in them to work towards earning what they wanted. In this process man learns the different difficult lessons of life. Life is like a game of different levels. More the levels we want to grow through, more the challenges and more the problems to be solved, more the lessons to be learned and skills to be developed. Only when a person feels a dire lacking of something that he needs or desires does he develop the spirit of working. Today's younger generation has been pampered with all that it asks for by the loving parents while the same parents are worrying as to why their kids are becoming lazy and obese day by day. When a kid is getting all that it wants without even working for it just by asking it's parents, why in the blue sky would it search for a reason to work? Some lessons of life have to be learned the hard way but seldom the blind love of parents allows them to realise this.

Motivation or inspiration can only be passed through words but the sources of these lies in the lack of basic and dreamed necessities of human mind. Harder you work, luckier you get. Harder the situation, harder you'll work. Hence I came up with this blog 'lack is luck'. At that time of lack, one might feel sad but that will be the trigger that will make one develop to the position that he/she will deserve what one lacked before. Eager to know your feedback on

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