Monday, August 06, 2012

What are your priorities of life?

Right from the time we are born we are fed by others, taken care by others, taught by others, coached and guided by others. Obiviously I wouldn't expect a newly born baby to take care of itself independently. But my question to my reader is as to how long will we be a dependency stack on someone else in our life. I am not just talking about the dependency in terms of money such as children depending on parents. Sometime or the later everyone has to start earning for the self because the supporters cannot be immortal. Independence day of India is nearing and I have a question to all of you - "Are we really independent?"

We are influenced by the society we live in, we are influenced by the opinions of the people around us, we are bound to follow the existing rules and regulations even if some of them don't make any sense. The regular pattern of two decades of education followed by job and family is running through the minds of all parents today for their offsprings. If you even try to deleniate from this pattern you're perceived as an outlaw. In this everlasting race of life many of us are spending our time, thoughts and energy in competitions just to climb up our career in comparison to those around us. Most of the times we don't even know if this was the career that we dreamt of pursuing but still all our eyes are blindfolded from seeing the future. Forget work, even before that, many of the students are not even aware of the degree they are entering into which they would be pursuing for next 3-4 years and building a career based on that. The herd mentality has put curtains on the creativity of students today. Even parents are not spared from this vicious arrangement. Folks! I clearly understand that money is a necessity commodity for life and we have to earn it to lead a fulfilling life but when you forget the priorities of your life and just keep money in the first position of priorities then you might be just filling your lockers than your life. Even this money is a very talented actor which can play the role of either the cause or the effect. You might want to earn money and that's why you might be ready to do anything. On the other hand you might just want to earn money following your passion. Either ways money comes into picture. Its upto you to choose where to place it.

If you feel that you are just sailing with the wave and can't do nothing about it please rethink for a moment. Anyways you will sail with the wave, why not give one try to rediscover the priorities of your own life? Why not give just one more chance to the child inside you to see the future it had dreamt during childhood? Remember pal! Life is once, the worst thing that can happen is that one might die. Even more worse is killing the dreams also in the process. Let's open our eyes to see what the future has to offer us, lets open our ears to listen to what the soul calls for. I wish you a very happy journey in the awakened life henceforth.

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