Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project your work

World is not as good as we presume it to be. There are people around us who are just here to use us for their personal benefits. Many of us follow the culture of modesty. Also if one talks about his/her own work or achievements people consider that person to be egoistic. Hence many concede their work to themselves and don't project it to the outside world. This is the pit that we dig for ourselves. If you have to get what you deserve then you must show what you have done as well, however small the work may be because ultimately you have done it.

Make a note of every minute work that you do which you're suppose to report to someone else. If you're working for yourself then you will have this data as a progress chart of your own work. On the other hand, when we are reporting to someone else we tend to report only the major things as we think that the smaller ones could have been done by anyone and its not correct to expect credit for it. Let me reassure you my dear friend, however smaller the work is, work is work which has to be done by somebody. If you've done it then there is no point not showcasing it and getting the reward it deserves however small even the reward might be. Every minute, every effort of yours is precious which gets invested in doing any amount of work and you definitely deserve the credit for it. There are very few people whom you may find if you're lucky enough who will recognise your hardwork and reward you accordingly. Rest of the world is here to just eat you up to maintain and promote their own positions.

Last but not the least, your job doesn't end at just reporting every work that you have done. The next and final step is to prove that you deserve the reward for your accomplishments of work and getting it. Even the fighting for what you deserve is a step to be completed to completely get what you need to get. You have to develop this skill as well to respect your own work. In the process you have to be stern enough to tell the other person not to cheat you. So don't mind of any emotional hurt when you're asking for your right.
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