Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Be the mirror

"People are not difficult, people are just different" - This is one of the famous quotes by the serial entrepreneur Er.Sujit Lalwani. This statement is so true that we an apply it in our day to day life as we keep interacting with lot of people. Since man is a social being, he has to live in a society with the best interpersonal skills to achieve his objectives. People are different and as a result their opinions are different, their attitudes are different. Some might be in sync with your way of thinking while some might not be. If you are aiming to convince all by your point of view then its going to be absolutely impossible. You will have to do so in their own style. This is what I mean by 'be the mirror'.

Everything in this world has a meaning associated with it which is generic enough for everyone but people define their own definitions for different things as per their background, education, experience, exposure, attitude and other factors. Some of the unquantified words oftentimes take the definitions defined by individuals and when two such people argue about them there's a clash due to different perceptions as well as perception levels. As a result of these differences people with more authority will definitely try to dominate with their definitions. In such circumstances there is no point in arguing between two perceptions. Let's use the solution of mirror effect at this point. Just observe the way other person talks and figure out his/her prominent points used to confront any argument. This requires good observation and learning as well. Then apply the same method to your arguments and present it to the opposition. Its as simple as fighting with a person who is having a gun with a gun itself. There's no point in using a sword against the gun.

Every person has his own strong means of winning arguments and to prove his point just for the sake of ego. There's no point pointing out the ego because some cannot just live without it and even that pointing out will hurt their ego. Just behave the way they do in their own style in front of them. Showcase the exact reflection of the other person by being the mirror infront of him. They cannot face their own self when they are wrong and that will give them a chance to correct themselves and a chance for you to put across your points on the same bridge.

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