Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A day to never forget

Indian Independence day is a mark in the world history to resemble the significance of non-violence. We have been celebrating independence day from a long time since our childhood. Hoisting flags, distributing sweets and chocolates, singing national anthems etc have been our natural process of celebrating our independence day but today was the day when few youth of Bangalore decided to celebrate the same day in a rather different way. They decided to make a small mark of their own in the Indian history today. I am just so happy to share the experience of this exciting day with all my lovely readers.

Around 70+ youth gathered in the morning at 9:30am in S.R.N.Adarsh College. The Inspiration Unlimited team and the founder Er.Sujit Lalwani were there to arrange series of events as part of their corporate social responsibility under the banner of "IUCares". All the students were seggregated into 14 different teams first. Each team chose a team name, team colour and team leader. Then one by one teams were sent to a task room where they were assigned different tasks to create a positive social impact. Each team was assigned with just three hours to complete their task. Some of the tasks were like fund raising to buy meals, stationery, books, vicks, dental kits, soaps etc and donate them to the needy in different areas of bangalore. Some had to visit old age homes, orphanages to celebrate independence day with the people there, some had to collect statistics and data regarding the state of the areas in bangalore. All the teams were really excited to work in the hot sun in a team of complete strangers but yet contribute something to the society on ocassion of independence day. Students learnt different lessons in due course of the journey, understood the real situation of our country, felt really happy for celebrating this day in such a fantastic practical manner. After the activity all the teams shared the photos and videos they had taken during the tasks and shared a presentation of their project with the best energetic feeling. Each one of them was present from morning 10 am till evening 7 pm to create a positive difference in the society.

Hats off to the management of S.R.N.Adarsh College for their commendable support to this special activity. May more students take part in such activity time and again. Let's not wait for independence day to create such positive impact on the society. I welcome everyone of you to participate, learn and contribute alongwith IUcares. A brilliant salute to IUteam as well which during this entire busy schedule created a website and started off with facebook pages for IUcares to promote all the noble activities. For more information visit, and

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