Thursday, July 12, 2012

Refocus Reorient Resurge

Focus, orientation and the surge towards your goals, dreams and ambitions are what make them come into reality. In front of the random situations that come before us and block our path we humans are too weak sometimes to fight against the odds. All the goals and dreams fade away under the shadow of the confusion eating our mental energy. Knowing that we have to do our regular work we miss it in the thought of finding the right solution for the question running in the mind. Atleast if the issue resolves on a positive note, you can be happy to get back to your work but when the issue tears your soul apart and breaks you down completely it is just damn difficult to get out of it. But remember friends, one who fights this fight of resurgence is the one who comes back stronger. I remember the incident in the life of the bodybuilding idol Arnold Shwarzenegger when he was in love with a girl and when he wanted to go to America to enter Hollywood, she was not willing to accompany him. Arnold describes in his book 'The Education of a bodybuilder' that at that point of time he was completely torn between love and his ambitions. Though Arnold spent sometime crying over the issue he had to finally decide to refocus, reorient and resurge towards his goals in life and he did the same. As a result of this comeback power he went on to conquer not just the hollywood but the hearts of millions of Americans. Likewise even I faced certain challenges of similar kind which just pulled me out of my regular workouts. Its been almost four days since I went to gym. Really disappointed with myself in this regard. Thanks to my mentor who helped me to overcome the tough situation with his wisdom-filled lessons. It was hard to accept the truth but there was no other way. A strangling feeling deepened inside but time always has the solutions. As time passed I could gather myself up back and once again refocus, reorient and resurge towards my dreams.

Folks! time and again distractions, problems, confusions etc might just put you to a halt and trouble your mind and soul. Just remember one thing that time will pass. Good and bad times shall prevail for sometime always. Life is itself designed in such a pattern of highs and lows. When the problem is eating up your mental and emotional energies probably you won't be able to cater to your physical self also. You might just get lost in the distress that the problem induces. No matter how much ever wishful we are to win over the problem, sometimes the fate takes the winning side and we can do nothing about it. Just believe that God has planned it all. Just keep the belief in yourself that something better is going to come. Don't stop your action at any cost. Refocus on your priorities, reorient your actions towards working towards them, resurge like a tsunami once again with full zeal and energy to conquer the world. Even Robin Sharma states that sometimes we go offtrack only to come back ontrack. Recognise back all your strengths, remotivate yourself, get reinspired from your inspirational sources, reread your goals and dreams, become like a reborn phoenix and start flying again. The world doesn't end with any of our woes. No one ever will stop their life for the sake of your difficulty. You will be the one who will be responsible to either die in depression of the defeat or bounce back from the failure putting all your energised efforts to accomplish your dreams and visions. Ultimately the choice is YOURS alone.

My dear friends! its been a really tough task in last four days to get over the challenge. It was hard indeed and literally tough to get over the consequences of disappointment. I would advise my dear reader to make sure that you share your set of issues with someone whom you have trust in and learn the next steps to be taken which I did. The life is long enough wherein we will definitely meet a lot of new people and we are bound to find the right ones for us to be surrounded with. Shed the tears of emotions while increasing the longevity of smile on your face continuously which helped me get stronger. I am going to gym tomorrow morning for sure to restart my bodybuilding. Willing to know if you have had any such experiences on

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