Thursday, July 26, 2012

People and Planes

Have you ever noticed a conversation between a senior citizen and a young kindergarten child? On one side there is one who is just born to witness the new world and on the other side is the one who has seen probably most of the world by age. Still the communication happens at the plane where both of them are common and that is at the level of the kid. Have you got a chance to be a part of discussions among employees and among employers separately. If you have had such a chance you would have clearly understood the plane at which discussions are held at these two levels. I am just trying to give you a glimpse of what are the different planes of thoughts that the same human being can be a part of. The same senior citizen about whom I talked about in the beginning might be even included in the discussions among employees and employers but the plane of thoughts would be entirely different in each of the three cases.

I am not talking about the different types of communication that happens with different set of people here. I am trying to focus on the psychology that sets the thought process in our mind to run at different altitudes based on our experience and the exposure we are exposed to. People who have read a lot of books, who have interacted with lots of people and who have travelled around lots of places as prescribed by Swami Vivekananda generally tend to have a vast experience in their pocket. The prime reason for them to have put in extra efforts in reading, interacting and travelling a lot is that they want to reach the depth of understanding of every possible thing. These are the kind of people who want to collect as much data as possible to analyse the existing facts so that they can plan well to construct better future for the society. If you observe such people they generally don't have time to gossip around and for non-reproductive work. Even just a 5-minute talk with them can make you understand the level at which they think. They wouldn't be worried about petty problems of paying monthly bills, ego clashes with neighbours or colleagues and so on which are the general daily issues of a common man. The most difficult and profound concepts of human behaviour and global happenings will be the general topics of discussion in such high plane thinking minds. I have tried to touch the extremes of planes of thoughts, talks, discussions between that of a common man and a visionary. I am sure you can guess the
different planes that exist between these two extremes in which we wander through with different people.

A final reminder that I would like to pass on is that whenever there is a difference in the planes of wisdom between two people there is always an argument rather than a fruitful discussion. Just make sure that if you ever get into such a scenario, if you are on the lower plane try to learn and understand from the wiser person whereas on the other hand if you are the wiser of the two try to clearly explain with examples and annotations to the other person and help him/her to rise his/her levels of perception without allowing your impatience or ego to come in between. Happy discussing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really wanted to write this blog after being on both sides during two different discussions. Feel free to share your feedback on

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