Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One more strong reinforcement happened yet again during the bodybuilding time in the gym today. The importance of a trainer or a training partner with you during your work or workout is a great asset that you shouldn't miss out on. Probably a team member is quite different from a partner. In a team the tasks are generally divided and different members execute different tasks to accomplish a common goal but a partner is one who will do the same work with you. Especially in bodybuilding the importance of a training partner cannot be overseen. A simple example to state how powerful and important the word 'partner' is that of a marriage wherein the couple are called as partners because they will be sharing every act of life. Business partners is a more closer set than business associates.

While I was working out today, halfway through the workout I started feeling like almost I had lost all my energy. My palms and fingers couldn't hold the dumbles or barbells for long. I felt as if I couldn't complete even my regular number of repetitions. At this exact time came my trainer whom I would like to refer here as partner because a trainer is one who trains you on how to perform certain activity and you're left to practise on your own but a partner is one who will join hands with you in the work. My trainer provided the right support throughout my second half of the workout for bisceps and helped me complete the workout. This last point is the most important. A trainer might just train you and will teach you how to learn from failures and succeed but only a partner will make sure to support your lack of strength and help you accomplish the work within the right time. That's why I regard a partner different from a trainer. No doubt that a trainer's role is also very important on which I don't have any doubts but I want to stress here the importance of having a partner in your work to just make sure that both of you complement each other whenever one falls short of strength and make sure that the work is completed within the given time.

Perhaps it may not be possible to have a partner always in all our work but if there is a chance to have a partner then don't miss him/her. Some of them have this opinion that they need to do everything on their own single-handed and do not want to rely on anyone else. This learning is also very important. Make sure that you learn to do everything by yourself but it may not be same situation always. Certain times demand help and at that time don't have any ego to take the support from a partner because the completion of work within the given time is always a higher priority.

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