Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lesson a day

Its so obvious that most of the times we just sail through the series of our daily activities. Sometimes I just wonder how the subconscious mind of ours is so well programmed that we do the same routine set of activities everyday without getting bored even an inch about it. Amidst our busy schedule and the number of commitments that we need to cater to, are we able to devote sufficient time to introspect is my doubt. With most of us when we turn back and see life we fail to see what we did in days, we always see what happened in a year.

Introspection provides such a clear picture of our daily work so well that we can learn a lot from it. We can improve upon the right things and at the same time learn to avoid the mistakes that we made. Most important of all our daily acitivity is a clear reflection of our values, priorities and goals in life. This will provide the necessary feedback to correct ourselves to be better tomorrow than what we are today. In my daily habit of blogging, I keep searching for hints in my entire day so that I can share a valuable lesson with my beloved readers. I can for sure find a new lesson everyday because I have committed myself to learn something new on a daily basis and to share it with my friends. Today when I was looking through the flashback of my thoughts I was unable to find a very major lesson but still pondered over what's the learning for today that I can share with my pals and the lesson that we should learn a lesson from everyday struck my mind and that is what I have shared here today.

Search for an opportunity to learn something extra everyday. Be it a new word, be it a new information, be it a new wise lesson but make sure that you are atleast one step better today than what you were yesterday. Growth is the other name for life. The nature takes care of our physical growth, time takes care of our age growth, let us take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Willing to read your views on this blog on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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