Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nothing also has a THING

For past few days when I was writing blogs one after the other day by day there was a strange sense of feeling that I am having no more topics to write. Obviously this couldn't be true because the world doesn't end with just few blogs. The lessons of life which can help us elevate our thinking and attitude are uncountable in number. How could it be even possible that there were no more topics to write upon! That is when I realised the presence of the brick wall. The brick wall which stands as a mental block only to stop us from reaching our best competencies and capacities in order to build our credibilities. My promise to myself to write a blog a day was powerful enough to break this brick wall. I had to cross the temporary mental barrier and move into the world of possibilities. That is when I felt "even Nothing has a THING in it".

Then, when I just gave few seconds about this thought I realised how many times we people give up on continuing forward just because we feel we have tried in every possible way. There is a sense of complacency that blocks our innovativeness to expand more because we assume that we have expanded it enough. Also when there is no success after multiple attempts the belief in finding the solution to the problem at hand decreases exponentially. There is little motivation to better our approach to the challenge and give one more powerful shot at it. There's a gloominess that encompasses our curious thinking and stops us from trying again. This is the time we need to remember that the best chance always stands in the adversity. That is when we have to search for the slightest positive clue that can open the lock of the box of solutions. Nothing is possible on this earth has been an age old adage which has time and again disproved the misconceptions of man. Just keep the optimism on to find your next step when you feel you're stuck.

Try and try again was one of the poems that I had learnt in my schooldays which holds its value from generations to generations. A magician brings out a dove from a cap which was empty just a second before. The audience is just made to believe that the cap was empty. In the same way our surrounding circumstances get built in certain scenarios that we see nothing at first but then just think that you are the magician who has to bring the dove out of the cap. When you feel it's all over that is the time to realise that it's just starting all over again just like the phoenix because even nothing has a THING in it.

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  1. Amazing Sir!!! My major learning from this blog are the lines- "When you feel it's all over that is the time to realise that it's just starting all over again just like the phoenix because even nothing has a THING in it." Very Inspiring blog Sir!! Every single blog in ABAD section carries so many learnings!! Thank you so much sir!!