Monday, June 18, 2012

Famous are made fun of

A stone is thrown at a mango which is high upon the tree top not at the pumpkin sitting on the ground. Even people want to conquer climbing big mountains not the valleys down. Its been in the human psychology to either conquer bigger achievements or blame them if they can't. In the first case I would salute those people who would dedicate themselves to achieve every great thing that they possibly can but today I would like to throw some light on the second type of people. There is also a special reason behind this blog. Today most of them are afraid to become popular, famous, big, great, the best because of the surroundings that they are surrounded with.

I would like to start with few examples. Have you seen the photo of my birthdaymate Albert Einstein? Many of them say that he looks like a psycho in the pic because of his random hairstyle. If someone is found very geeky he is teased as Einstein than complemented with that tag. I still remember one of the short stories that I had read in my college wherein there was a person who had got a one billion dollar note and everywhere he used to go he used to show that note for payment. Since in those days people din't have that much money they used to think that he was the only person in the town who had only one billion dollar notes with him. Eventually this person became so famous that artists started making his caricature in newspapers. This is when I remembered the caricatures of movie stars, politicians, sports people in newspapers. Every common man might not know the common man the next door but will definitely know the famous ones and these are the ones that even he wishes to be one but because of various reasons he doesn't become famous. As the story of fox which thinks the grapes are sour after trying for it, even the common man cannot accept that he was unable to reach the limelight and that is the point when his ego stops him from accepting his faults and in order to lower the prestige of those who are famous he starts making fun of them. This is the reason that people read gossips about famous people and feel entertained that even they are of the same kind. This is what yellow journalism is thriving on.

Due to all these reasons, most of the upcoming youth are really having an aversion towards famous people because the moment they keep one as an idol a gossip breaks out and they lose the respect. With recurring cases of such types they tend to feel that being famous you are targeted for every small thing that you do which keeps them away from even thinking of doing something big and growing big. The moment anyone takes up an initiative to create something great there are hundred fingers to point out and laugh at that person. This is the reason that people have lost faith and hope on doing great things itself rather than even thinking about getting famous. Remember one strong lesson which will be the solution for this entire blog and that is "Kya kahenge log, sabse bada rog" which means "If you're thinking about what people will talk about you then that is the biggest disease". Just don't care about what others have to say, decide what you want to do and give your best efforts efforts to achieve it.

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