Sunday, June 17, 2012

A day off

Today I was watching the movie 'Karate Kid' in which one of my favourite actors Jackie Chan has played the role of a KungFu master. In the movie he trains Will Smith's son everyday on KungFu and after a long stretch he tells him that he will have a day off to have fun because too much of training is bad. Probably the reason I was watching the movie was also the same. I had taken a day off my regular routine activities to just be free of all work. Probably I even made my mind free of any thoughts of work. Probably this is what the inspirational speaker Sujit Lalwani defines as the break point in his break point theory.

When the car is driven continuously for miles together obviously after a certain point the engine gets heated and it wouldn't be able to run the same way as before. You will have to refill the radiator and allow for the cooling time for the engine to return back to its normal running mode. May be even the tyres would have rubbed enough against the rough roads and the need to replace them arise. Similarly even we humans have certain limits when it comes to how long we can work continuously. The moment the work fills in too much of the head and you're unable to give enough attention for relaxing your mind you will start feeling the aversion towards work in small amounts but you will still continue because of logical reasons to work. As this proceeds the efficiency decreases which will be even more frustrating. This is the time that you should recognise yourself and give sometime yourself for fun else the engine can never ever work in the best state. The small period of relaxation will help to reorient ourselves towards our goals and visions and help us view ourselves and our style of working. This introspection will lead to better output from the next day. I have even read that as per research the best people work in small bursts of energy than continously.

Probably I could give a day off for me from my work but I was wondering why I wanted to blog irrespective of the self-declared day off. Then is when I realised that ABAD{A Blog A Day} was a promise that I had made to myself and more than that I had declared it public that I would be following it no matter what. As Rajnikanth once said that you can create and change the will(legal document) but never change what you have spoken on a stage in front of people, may be my declaration of following ABAD held me strong to come back to blog even on a day off. Probably this is the reason that some of the most successful people declare what they will accomplish amidst the public and use it as a subconscious reinforcement to achieve it and achieve it for sure irrespective of any kind of obstacles in the journey. Might be this is the reason that leaders can work for long periods of time without breaks as they are always with people taking up commitments and working hard to fulfill them. So I would advise even you to declare whatever you want to follow and achieve publicly so that you can enjoy the benefits of it.

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