Friday, June 08, 2012

1st impression is the BEST impression: Y/N

I don't want to have a debate whether this age old notion is true or not. Impression is just another word for perception is what I feel. Its once again a feeling. Moods are bound to change, so are feelings. Some of the most accepted Laws of the world were broken with new discoveries and inventions. I don't have to give examples of any because you already know many. When the biggest notions of mankind were proven false with the passage of time then it is no wonder that even impressions about things, places and people can change with new experiences. 'First impression is the best impression' - this thought has ruled the world from a very long time and I don't mean to demean this fact but want to just share my experience.

Today I went to my office cafeteria and ordered a dish called 'Meso salad'. The first time I had it was around a year back when I really hated and wasted more than half of it. But today I just had this strange instinct to try it again and went for it the second time. This time it just became my favourite dish. I was really wondering over this paradigm shift of desire. Infact for past one year I have been marketing to everyone to not to have this meso because it was very bad and I, myself denied trying it for more than a year. This was the effect of the first bad impression. But today when I gave the second chance to meso to impress me it did it fantastically. Then I thought- how many times we build notions about people around us just meeting them the first time and conclude about them? All of us know that none of us have a scanner built into us to judge anyone's character just at the first glance but still we are specialists when it comes to opinionize about people and more than that we feel great about it also. Just because the first impression was not so great we end up not even talking to the same person for years together to only realise later that he/she had lots inside him/her to enrich our lives. We regret for that also.

Just imagine what would have been our fates if our teachers concluded about our future the first time they saw us. No doubt we were childish when we were children. Our teachers and parents took the patience to help us grow into better adults. The first impression is not just cast by the person alone. It also depends on the circumstances of that first meeting. It would be the biggest mistake if we created a stern impression about anyone seeing the first time. Let's give a second try. Life is big enough to go through different kinds of experiences and circumstances. You never know when the inner beauty reveals itself to the world. Infact hope itself means to expect things to be better next time. If everything had got decided in the first impression itself then there would have been no progress in the world. Remember there is always not just a second chance but a next chance as well in life before we conclude about anything.

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