Saturday, April 28, 2012

Power of Decision making

Every moment of our life we are in a continuous process of making decisions. If you are reading this line then definitely you have just now made a decision to read this blog. Infact whether to breathe or not is strictly under your control. Apart from those actions which happen as a result of response to stimulus every other thing you see, speak, act is governed by your own sole decision. You can even go to an extent of concluding that your life is designed mainly by your decisions.

Either consciously or subconsciously our brain has the power to take decisions and act according to them almost everytime. Inspite of this I have come across a lot of people who feel that they lack decision making capability. This is a big misconception that people carry on their mind because they have decided that about themselves. No doubt that their decision rules their life. Except for those offsprings of God who are mentally challenged everyone of us can choose to decide on every aspect of our life. Then why do we sometimes fail making the right decisions? Because at those tough times we don't stop taking decisions, we decide to not decide our next step and instead decide to follow the flow of circumstances. When we don't decide our actions we have decided to make such a decision. At such moments just pause for sometime and tell yourself "DAMN IT! IT'S YOUR LIFE". Sometimes our heart goes so far from us that we are forced to shout at it to call it back.

We can be 100% sure that not every decision that we make is going to be right always. Even the best men/women of the world don't achieve this accomplishment because 'Human is to err'. So forget the fear of making wrong decisions. Be rational enough to take logical decisions. If the situations belong to the early life's syllabus then your decisions will definitely be right else your wisdom will decide the fate of your wishful decisions. Even if some of the decisions go wrong the immediate next step should be to take the right decision to compensate for the earlier wrong decision because ultimately the power to decide lies within you. The power to live your life lies in your powerful decisions.

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