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i. He dint have a pair of slippers in earlier days of career but even after reaching stardom he wears simple hawai chappals.
ii. He used his friend's toothbrush to brush his teeth when we was poor but now people are ready to pay crores for his one smile.
iii. He was rejected by many directors in earlier days but today top directors are behind his dates ready to pay crores of money.
iv. He was struggling to even earn enough money to have food before he met his mentor but later he wasnt able to find time to have food.
v. He suffered a nervous breakdown in mid-thirties but still continues to rule the reel world in sixties.
vi. He used to hardly sleep during his earlier days of career but now he goes to himalayas just for meditation.
vii. He took loan from his friend to start his career but today he has donated crores of rupees for social work.
viii. He was a low paid conductor at the age of 24 but today he is the 2nd highest paid actor of Asia.
ix. His mother tongue is Marathi but he is the No.1 hero of tamil fim industry.



i. He never learnt English in his childhood but later he went on to become the superstar of HOLLYWOOD.
ii. People used to ridicule his sport earlier but later he made his name equivalent to the same sport worldwide.
iii. He used to get inspired seeing his role model's photos in magazines but later he beat the same role model in the international level competition.
iv. He had to escape from army to perceive his dream but later became the head of robots army.
v. He came in search of sponsorors for his sport to foreign countries but now the federation built by him sponsors the annual sports events of all types.
vi. He has been Mr. Universe for 3 years consecutively and Mr. Olympia for 7 times.
vii. He was responsible to inspire a short weightlifter to become an international icon in bodybuilding and win Mr.Universe.
viii. He has lost only thrice in competitions during his entire career in bodybuilding and the youngest Mr. Olympia winner at the age of 23 years.
ix. He was born in Austria but became the Governor of California state in USA.
x. He started his career as a bodybuilder, then became the super action star of Hollywood and later became the 38th Governor of California state.

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