Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Will you relive your life once again?

Hi folks! First of all I would like to apologise for not being able to update a blog yesterday itself as I had promised earlier that I would be writing a blog a day. 'If you miss a lunch you are entitled for a grand dinner' is a saying as per which I will be posting 2 blogs today. Let me kick off with the first one.

Now that you have read the title of the blog "Will you relive your life once again?", you might be guessing what this blog may be about or wondering to know why I ask this question. This question came up on my mind based to back to back experiences that I had very recently. Day before yesterday while I wrote the blog on the Rabbit and Tortoise story, it so happened that I had completed the blog and clicked on PUBLISH POST. At that time the autosave got interrupted and all of a sudden the login screen came back. I went to the previous page only for my 30 minutes of writing not to be seen. I tried to go through drafts but in vain. Unfortunately I was too sick to sit for that 30 mins itself. I had just felt the nerve of relief when I had written the last line of the blog and all of a sudden it had vanished in air. Now the choice was either to yield to the uneasiness and pain of rewriting the entire blog again  and quit or to withstand the pain and recompose the blog to keep up my vow of ABAD for march month. I felt the second one pushing me more than the first one pulling me back. Hence I went ahead and rewrote the entire blog and published it.

The 2nd incidence was today in office. I was supposed to prepare an excel sheet document and send it to my manager quickly about datamodel changes in JDE world A9.3. It took about 15 minutes to collect all the relevant information and update the excel sheet in a neat format. Once again the situation repeated itself. I accidentally closed the excel document before saving my changes. Man!!!!!! I told myself and reopened the closed document to check if I was fortunate enough not to have lost the changes made. But mistake is a mistake and cant be undone. All the changes were gone. Once again, efforts and time had to be spent for rework. The choice now was either to go through the tedious process again and mail it to my manager or give it up to let the other colleagues follow through. I felt a strange sense of ownership of work which told me it wont take much time for the rework, lets do it! I agreed to this philosphy and finished the work.

After these 2 incidents, I just asked my mind would we people really be willing to do the same work all over again if for some unfortunate reason it gets washed away. Would we be willing to spend our time and efforts on rework again and again? Would J.K.Rowling have written the entire book of Harry Potter once again if for some reason her original manuscripts were lost or burnt? My mind added more complexity to this situation by asking me back whether we would choose to do the same activities today which we had completed yesterday with lot of sweat just because we lost the proof of completion of yesterday's work. Adding more what would we have chosen if we had a choice either to relive all our yesterday, days before yesterday,  weeks before yesterweek, months before yestermonth, years before yesteryear  again for accomplishment of something or just move forward from the present life.

In my opinion I just feel the reason or the purpose holds the highest strength to push us to redo the rework. If that is not strong or important enough for us, we might choose of not doing it again. This might vary from person to person, from situation to situation. Question is - who is stronger? Person or the situation? This is an open ended writing of mine. Friends! I would like to know what are your views on this. Please dont miss to add your opinion in the below comments section. I am damn sure that you value your opinion which you can share on


  1. Nice way to relate incidents! I agree with you - it's the Purpose of the work that makes us do it not just once again, twice, thrice or as many times until it's done. Good writing...
    And answering the question in the title - YES! I'd love to...........!!!

    1. Hi Shruti! Thanks for being the first feedbacker of my blog :)