Friday, August 08, 2014

You fall; you get up

All of us have grown through the same steps of childhood. Born as a baby, each one of us held the little finger of our parents to take our first tiny steps. We tried the lion's style by trying to walk on all the four limbs that God has blessed us with. Elders showed the difference between legs and hands, and we were taught to stand on our limbs and hold the wall or table for support to walk on just two limbs. There have been umpteen times that we have fallen down, but still didn't give up the determination to walk. Finally, we reached the stage where we could rely on two wheels rather than our two legs to move from one place to another. We fell down with bicycles and bikes too at times. We stood back and lifted the two wheeler and continued our ride again. Moral of the story - You fall; you get up.

Walking, riding, falling and getting up are physical acts that are so clearly visible to our eyes. On the other hand, when our self-confidence falls down or when our courage or motivation slides down, we cannot see that happening. They are virtual and invisible. We have to apply the same logic of lifting ourselves up from depressing states of mood when the moods go down. The act of getting up from the ground is so naturally imbibed in us that we don't even have to think about it. Our parents have shown how to take the support of nearby objects and our knees to stand back on our feet. Unfortunately, during childhood, physical acts of falling are more than mental states falling down. As a result, we aren't coached much of the times on how to bounce back from the tough emotional states. As we grow up we get into emotional conflicts and our mind is more susceptible to negative influences. At such instances of time, we need to get back to our normal states. How do we do it?- is the question. If we are strong enough we can do it on our own selves. If not, we can definitely take the help of people around. Someone who sees you fall only can help you to get up. Likewise only when someone gets to know that you've fallen down in your mood can someone help you to rise up. It's not a mistake or a shame to share with someone that you're down and take the help of the person to get back to your energetic state of happy mind. Share about the issue that has affected you with the person you vest your trust in and take his/her help to get back to rock.

The world around shall never stop its operations just because anyone of us has fallen down, may be in whichever form it is. Nothing changes, nothing stops, nothing halts. Everything just keeps progressing as this world belongs to not just us alone but to a population of close to 7 billion people. More the time we take to get back into momentum more is the loss in the progress that we are able to achieve. Hence it's very essential to get back into our momentum. If we are unable to get back on our own fast, it's definitely worthwhile to take the help of others to bounce back. Only if we can be on our feet can we help others who have fallen to get back to their feet. We have to help each other and progress together in life.

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