Monday, August 04, 2014

Somewhere someone is doing something for sure

The world offers a variety of diverse environments and different kinds of lives that coexist. The same earth is inhabited by people who are struggling for food on one side and people who are wasting food on the other side. Some are trying to earn their livelihood while some are worrying about how to spend their livelihood. Some are running around with bluetooth hanging on their ears and talking while driving, reading the news on their phones while eating, coding on their computers while drinking, and on the other hand are people who have loads of time in their hand and are doing all these activities patiently one after the other just to make sure that their time doesn't get bored being in their lives. Someone somewhere is doing something for sure.

We get so busy in our lives, and especially in our routine lives that we fail to see our own lives from the perspective of a third person. Just think about it once. What would a pigeon that sits on your terrace every day morning think about you when you keep rushing to your work or college? All that it has to do is eat the nuts and cereals available on your terrace and keep flying from one roof to another to digest the eaten food. Seeing you rush like a mad horse out of the house on your two-wheeler or four-wheeler only makes it wonder, 'Why are you acting so silly! All that you need to do is just have your food and relax.' The pigeon is seldom aware of the fact that you've to write your exams or convince your client. It just feels that you're that someone who is doing something just like how you feel that the pigeon is also doing something. I see so many students worrying about their tests, internals and exams. They are worried about marks, syllabus, question papers, evaluation and invigilation. Even I was one such student few years back. After coming out of the school and college world, I see that all those tensions were just too temporary to even worry about. None of those worries can take life further. No matter what are the results someone has to keep doing something somewhere to carry on the journey called life.

As humans, we build so many apprehensions on so many different things, people and situations that we keep testing our predictions and anticipations. We build our own challenges, expectations and work and try to prove it to ourselves what we are and we are capable of. We build a world that we imagine around us. We don't imagine the entities around us. We just imagine the perceptions of the real entities that exist around us and lead our lives to confirm that we have built the right set of perceptions in our imagination. Each individual lives a life of the same kind while s/he is doing the most necessary thing of his/her life while others are doing something. Ultimately each one knows that someone somewhere is doing something for sure.

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