Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Never challenge the Lord

Time and again ,time and space have proved that they are infinite, omnipresent, and can't be controlled or modified by anyone in this universe. Energy couldn't be created nor destroyed though man has tried every possible innovation that could defy the supreme power of nature. It's high time to accept that the universe or beyond is par excellence than the mere human brain. There are numerous secrets of the world around us that we, humans have to still unearth. When it's clear that there are factors much beyond the human control it's quite sensible to accept the existence of a massive force which is running the universe in a systematic fashion and that force is what I refer to as God in generic terms. Different religions might associate different names for the same.

In spite of knowing the limitations that bind the human thinking and planning, man still aims to challenge the Lord. A lot of times you might have heard people saying that there was one moment that came in their life during which they challenged the existence of the Lord itself. That was the last moment that they ever believed in God, and from then onwards stopped believing in Him. So, they were testing whether God would give them what they wanted or not. How funny of petty humans like us who command God to satisfy our silly desires of life! The moment what they wanted didn't happen they gave up the belief in the Lord. They turned into, so called, atheists. My question is- what did they achieve by giving up their belief in God? Did their desire get fulfilled? Just because a human desire couldn't get fulfilled can we dare challenge the existence of God? As I have stated earlier I am not assigning the God title to some unnatural or super natural force in the forms which are worshipped by people belonging to different religions. Going by science terms, every effect is preceded by a cause and a creator creates the cause to affect the resultant effect. If man can be a creator of many things happening under his control then there must be someone who is the creator behind happenings which are not under human control. That force of creation is what I refer to as the Almighty/God/Lord.

At the end of the day, we must know that everything happens for good. Challenging the existence of the Lord might only satisfy our ego temporarily but cannot alter the outcome of a situation. Either by believing or by disbelieving in God we can never control every circumstance of life. At least with a belief in God we have a moral and spiritual force to rely on at times of difficulty. By disbelieving we are only making ourselves more lonely and, a battle fought lonely is never won. Humans are born in millions and die in millions but God is only one who is, like time and space, omnipresent, unalterable, eternal, infinite, undecipherable and uncontrollable. Let's have faith in this force called God and forbid the childish attitude of challenging the Lord.

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