Saturday, August 23, 2014

Exposure and experience

The world is filled with so many diverse things that one lifetime isn't sufficient enough to witness all of them. Some of the most intricate miracles of nature are hidden in different parts of the world. Working for regular food, clothing and shelter is a normal routine that everyone is forced to do on a daily basis. Those who accomplish this responsibility will definitely want to see what more life can show them. In order to experience new things we need to have some knowledge about what all is happening around us. That is where exposure comes into picture. Lack of exposure leads to lesser number of chances of experiencing different dimensions of life resulting in an unfulfilled life. All of us would love to live our lives to the fullest extent possible.

The world is so vast in geographic scale that it is impossible for a person to set his foot on every step of the planet. Thanks to the internet world which has brought down the entire world to just our laptops or mobiles. In spite of earth turning into a global village, the challenge to know everything is really huge. Just knowing from far also doesn't help much. One needs to witness the unexplored portions of life. A very simple example is that of an engineer and a commerce graduate. An engineer doesn't know anything in the commerce field apart from his engineering syllabus. Likewise commerce doesn't understand head and tail of engineering. One need not be an encyclopedia knowing everything but one must definitely have awareness about the things existing around. That is where one needs to take initiative to learn about new stuff on a daily basis. Once sufficient knowledge has been thrown light upon, one must not just stop with the exposure; s/he should get into volunteering into tasks that can give him/her an experience of how the field works. If one has undergone such experiences in few diverse fields, then that person will be much more aware and careful in real life, and there are very less number of chances for him/her to get deceived by anyone else. Ignorance has definitely cost a lot even to the wisest best of one single field. One needs to have an all-around knowledge to challenge the current world.

The world shall not initiate any process to come to your home and let you know all that's happening around. You will have to get of your comfort zone called house and go out to explore. You might have the fear of unknown but what you need to explore is the same. Shed your inhibitions, become a kid and start exploring the world as a newbie. The world has lots of new things to offer for sure. As you keep gaining exposure about new happenings, simultaneously put your hands into activities that you have never done till date. This wholesome experience shall enrich your life in multifold manner.

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