Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Can you afford the opportunity?

People say that when preparation meets opportunity, that is when success happens. What is this preparation all about for? You never get to know when the opportunity will lie round the corner that you are going to take the next turn. Opportunities always come uninvited, or you create them. The moment you know that you are going to create an opportunity you start preparing so that you strike the opportunity at the right time. Preparation is what will lead to opportunity creation. In case of uninvited opportunities you just don't have an option of preparation. You have to go and afford them if you want to make the best out of them.

It's quite often that we see that Newton's First Law of Motion plays a very important role in our life’s growth chart. Inertia personifies our lives. A very often heard statement to prove it is, 'rich get richer and poor get poorer'. In fact, one of the recent statistics read out that 1% of the world's wealthy families hold 46% of the world's wealth. So those who made money are minting more money. If the world's wealth grew consistently and the wealthy took away more of wealth, then the non-wealthy are definitely losing out on the growing wealth. Money-making is a very simple sublime example to prove the use of opportunities. Growth of knowledge, experience, brand value, share price, market share, wisdom, network and likes of others also follow the same pattern. All of these grow for a person when he is ready to exploit the presented opportunities. Such opportunities sometimes demand money, loan, sometimes hard work, attitude, desire, sacrifice, and a whole lot of other stuff. One who grabs hold of opportunities by affording whatever they ask for is the one who grows to the next step, or probably, through the next few steps of escalation in life. Those who shy or fear away from opportunities, not just stay at the same level, but instead, fall one step lower because someone else rises up by one step. Just because you rejected the opportunity don't be foolish enough to think that everyone else shall do the same. The moment you ignore the opportunity knocking at your door, it knocks on your neighbour's door.

Everyone needs a ladder to climb up a wall. This ladder needs to have steps. In order to climb the ladder of success leaning against the wall of the world you need to climb the steps called opportunities. You got to afford climbing with all your energy. The moment you're drained out of energy you shall fall down and hit the ground hard. The ladder remains the same no matter who climbs it. The one who is ready to afford the ladder gets to climb it. You don't get the whole of the ladder at once. You get it one step at a time. Make sure that you afford that step called opportunity and climb up the ladder to find the next opportunity. One who hasn't found many opportunities for growth in life has only failed to afford the ones that the universe offered him. Opportunities are unlimited for those who are ready to afford them all and take on the world. Are you ready to fold your sleeves up and get your resources ready to afford the opportunity lying right in front of your eyes, right now?

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