Sunday, August 04, 2013

Business on mind

This morning I was accompanied by my brother for breakfast at a hotel. We ordered the staple food of South India, Idly+Vada (Idly and Vada are dishes made for breakfast across many parts of South India). We got our orders served. Once we finished with Idlies, we tasted the Vada. It was crispy and amazingly tasteful. I was totally impressed with the taste and feel of the Vada. Immediately, I extended my heart full of appreciation towards the server and appreciated the good quality of the Vada. Instantly the reply came from him, which was, "Shall I serve you one more Vada?"
The server didn't forget business just because he was flattered by an appreciation. Most of us resort to saying a humble 'Thank You' whenever we are appreciated for some good work of ours. The time of flattery takes us on cloud 9 and we forget everything else at that time. But the server was not of one of that kind of people. He had a presence of mind to convert the appreciation received into a sale which could benefit his hotel. Presence of mind on what is the need of the hour should be more on our mind before any flattery tries to take its place. There are lot of tricksters out there in the market who will try to take everything from you just by flattering you with their sweet and nice words. We must be shielded to such flattery. Even if it's a genuine appreciation we must try to take advantage of it as to how it can benefit our business and organization. Only then do we make the right us of what comes our way.
Taking advantage of an appreciation to convert into a sale is no mean job to do. In fact it's the right thing to do because when a customer is happy, he is bound to appreciate your product/service. At that time, if you can serve him with more facilities which might come at a cost, it will definitely serve the customer. As long as the king is served he loves to be the king. Since customer is the king, servitude attitude towards him is an important requirement to grow your business. No matter how many appreciations or humiliations come your way, make sure to have your business and its targets keep running on your mind continuously.

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