Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Take your writing to the next level

As I have been blogging for a pretty good time now for more than 500 days, I have found out that or rather I have realized that repetition takes away the flavour from the writing. I have to innovate something new either in terms of concept or writing style or vocabulary or point of view or narration to make the article more interesting and intriguing for my readers to read. Along with impressing the readers with my writing art and school of thought, I also need to satisfy the writing artist inside me who is unhappy staying at the same level of art. He wants to move to the next level.
In this blog post I want to share some of the inhibitions that I had to shed during the course of my blogging career and the amendments that I had to make to my writing style to make it more challenging so that it motivates me to continue pursuing my passion for blogging. One of the factors that always challenged me was the consistency. Whenever I missed blogging, I used to feel a high amount of guilt which would push me to make up by writing two blog posts the next day. The mental pressure to maintain consistency helped me continue blogging for so long. When I had to express the same emotions with the same words, it somewhat irritated me. I felt as if I was bound just by the same words for these emotions time and again. That's when I started to search for new words which could express the same emotions. Hence my vocabulary improved.
These two are basic examples which improved my blogging and writing skills. Thanks to Almighty and my mentor that I have been able to coach people on blogging front nowadays. I have been entrusted with the responsibility of judging blogs of young bloggers and I hope I have done justice to the trust vested in my judging capacity. Adding pictures has definitely elevated my blog posts to a visual plane which catches the eyes of the reader who lands on my blog and drags him into reading the blog post. With every progressing day I just try to take my writing to the next level.

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