Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something will happen for sure

All of us were born tension-free into this world but as time goes by, we attach every type of tension around us and by the time we leave this planet we also leave behind a huge pile of worries and tensions. Fear of what will happen in the future is one of the most critical issues that's disturbing many souls around us. What will happen in the result? What will happen if there is a catastrophe? What will happen to me if my company shuts down?
Man has the unlimited ability to think out of the box whenever it comes to predicting the future. More than predicting the future it's more of the fear of the future that keeps talking in the person. No matter what we think or what we do, none of us have a complete control to what can happen in the future. We can try our best to make happen the best but we need to be aware that not always what we desire is what we deserve. Just because this probability of things turning out wrong can happen, we needn't worry about those things which turn out wrong. All that we need to know is that something will happen for sure. At least nothing will happen for sure if nothing else takes place. Man has to be prepared to face the unexpected. Life is a journey that brings every other day unexpected challenges only to make us stronger to face the life ahead.
Exam is a big worry for students while inflation is the biggest worry for a country. Recession is a big tension for final year students while food for the next day is the basic worry for a poor fellow. At the end of the day, each one of us want something from the future and the probability of it not happening often feeds imbalance into our minds and life. If we are able to console ourselves that something shall happen for sure and we can give our best to make something that's beneficial for us to happen as well, we can free our mind of tensions so that we can concentrate on what needs to be done at present.

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