Saturday, June 29, 2013

Boru kottina, THANK YOU!

Attitude of gratitude can take us to great altitudes of life. Thanking for whatever we have and whatever we have got is a must to lead a satisfying life. Sometime back I was watching the audio launch of a Telugu movie "Iddarammayalatho", where in the hero of the movie stylish star Allu Arjun gave a speech. Initially, he told that generally during such functions people thank cameraman, director, stunt master, choreographer, music composer, technicians and others and it seems boring to the audience. In spite of it being repetitive and boring, he exclaimed that he would do the same boring thing of thanking all the people who had worked for the movie.
Here is where we come to understand the title of the post today. Probably the south Indian audience understands the title being partly in Telugu which is a language of Indian origin. For overseas readers, let me give a brief description of the title. "Boru kottina" in Telugu language means "Even if one gets bored...." Allu Arjun began his speech by thanking everyone though it might seem boring to anyone who has been watching such shows regularly. He explained as to how 300 people come together to work for a movie. The dance masters keep thinking about different variety of steps that they should choreograph for the hero to impress his fans. The music composer keeps researching and experimenting about what kind of songs need to be composed in order to bring life into the movie. Likewise every other person in the entire unit works and gives his/her best to make the movie a grand success while at the end, the hero of the movie takes away most of the credit.
First of all, I appreciate Allu Arjun's attitude of gratitude. Many of the times, we also tend to take certain things for granted and seldom remember to acknowledge or thank or appreciate the help that we receive. It's very important for us to thank God for what He has blessed us with. All people living around us have been in some or the other way responsible for our well-being. We must acknowledge every such person at some or the other occasion. Last but not the least, we must thank our very own souls for being in us and leading us.
I thank each and every reader of mine who has inspired me to write more and more and share my thoughts and ideas. Thank you all once again!

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