Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Line by Line

Due to bad food in the evening today, I had a kind of bad feeling in my gut because of which I couldn't even workout in the gym in the late evening. So, came back home after some 10 minutes of cardio and saw my brother and cousin playing carrom. After a long time even I felt like getting my fingers tested at carrom and joined the game. Glad that the opponents were far less experienced compared to my gap in practice, I won both the games that we played. After the game, I went along with my cousin to drop her to her home and on the way was enquiring about her studies. She mentioned something like 'I don't understand certain stuff while I study'. This dragged my attention and I offered to clarify some of her confusions.
As we entered my cousin's house, she took out her Physics text book and opened a random chapter which had escaped her understanding. We started reading this new chapter. We took up the first paragraph of introduction and I read a line and asked her to repeat and then explain it to me in simple words in her mother tongue. I could find that it was difficult for my cousin to understand even the first paragraph of introduction of a chapter. Only when we read it line by line and I made her translate each line into her mother tongue and explain it to me was she able to get the meaning and complete understanding of the entire paragraph. All the time before when she had studied these chapters, she had missed this line by line approach. She had tried to scan through the paragraph and understand the concept which always deceived her understanding. Once I taught her this simple algorithm of understanding line by line which required more time and patience she could appreciate its simplicity because no more understanding could evade from her.
Not just studies, be it anything in life each one of them expects detail level attention for deeper and better understanding. Every situation demands momentwise reading to understand the depth of it. Every relationship requires understanding of every emotion of the people to foster better relationship. Recently I read a statement which read 'God lies in the details' which is absolutely true. One who pays attention to details can never miss out on a chance to succeed. I appreciate every feedback of yours on

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