Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jan 13th,2013 witnessed one of the best magnanimous events in Kundapur, one of the districts in Karnataka, India. The aim of the program was to trigger the inspiration in youth from different regions of the west coast of Karnataka namely kundapura, udupi, bhatkal, moodalkatte and others. The entire 8 hour event was organised by Saraswathi Group of Institutes and Akshaya Coaching Classes headed by Rithesh Kamath and RamaMurthy respectively. They had really worked hard for last 45 days to make sure that close to 1500 students would go back from the event empowered and with a fire in them to accomplish their dreams and make our nation proud. It was one of the best events to kick off this new year with unlimited enthusiasm and motivation.
The event started by about 9 am in the morning with prayer and a small stage performance. Then came the highly energetic gentleman to trigger the fire of passion and aggression in students and he was none other than Mr.Gururaj Pai, an educator who has been very passionate about taking speeches and motivating the youth towards a better future. His voice was powerful enough to fill in watts of power in the studnets sitting in the hall. He taught about memory techniques and basic principles of life that one needs to follow. His main message was to love oneself. His speech of 100 minutes was filled with loads of energy. Then came Srilatha Danya mam who has been a M.Sc 1st rank holder. She spoke about the flaws in the current education system and suggested a lot of methods by which the education system can undergo a rapid positive change. Even the students voiced their consent to her suggestions and promised to support her in all her movements. She instantly became a role model to a lot many girls at the event. After her contentful speech there were demos by students of kundapura about flying quad-rotor, robotic bird and hacking. Gautam Navada was a 19year old kid who had started a website and had got lakhs of visits on his websites. He was the young star for the day. Then the crowd broke for lunch at 1:10pm.
Precisely at 1:40 pm the crowd gathered back only to witness a roar of applause when they got a glimpse of the person for whom the entire lot had been waiting from the morning. It was none other than Er. Sujit Lalwani who thrilled the audience just by his entry. There was an uproar of happiness among the crowd. It was as if they were all waiting since morning only for this moment. The next 3 hours was just a feast for the audience. Sujit sir spoke of varied topics in his amazing style and the crowd was only mesmerized by his talk. He spoke about patriotism, respect towards parents, working towards one's own dreams, developing the nation, self-appreciation and lot of other topics. The feedback from the students was tremendous. I am happy that I was also a part of this event and got few minutes to convey the inspirational story about an eagle's life. Vijeth Shivaraj and Shyesh.K.S also had been a part of this mega event. I would like to thank the organisers, volunteers, speakers and all the sponsors who were responsible for making this wonderful event happen on 01-13-2013.