Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Just execute it

Thoughts on our mind keep running all the time. Everytime there is something wrong happening, the right thing to have been done springs up in our mind. Everytime we feel something is not up to the mark, automatically the best way to execute comes to our mind. Our mind is always ready to give ideas to make things easier for us but what do we do? We plainly disrespect those noble thoughts and move on. We fail at the initial step of starting the execution itself.
Most of the times we underestimate our own capacity and feel that execution of what we just thought is far from our ability to implement. There are some cases when we feel that the idea is not practically implementable while in some we feel that we don't have the necessary resources to execute our thought into action. There are certain occasions when we fear to start executing because we feel that we might end up in negative consequences. Other times we just plainly let go off the thoughts without even putting an effort to write them down so that we can avoid further thinking about the same. I am very sure that you are able to recollect few of those occasions when you let go off your thoughts and ideas without even executing them due to any of the above reasons or any other reason of your own. There is a very simple solution to this problem. Without execution anyways you are not learning anything, better start executing the idea. Either you will complete the execution and reward your brain else at least you will learn as to why the idea can't be practically implemented. In either case you always have a winning edge of learning something new and upgrading your knowledge.
Many of us have these constraints of time and work pressure due to which we are unable to execute many ideas. At least on such occasions make it a point to note down those ideas which you feel are worthy executing. If not now sometime later you will have a chance to execute your ideas. Remember that your ideas come to you only because they belong to you. Do pour in the thought running in your mind about this blog in a written feedback on

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