Monday, January 14, 2013

It's easy to give up

Everyone of us have big dreams, big goals and big visions. Each one of us want to work towards these with the best abilities possible. On the way we definitely come across a lot of obstacles. We are even strong to fight against these but however sometimes it so happens that in spite of the external obstacles we have our own internal obstacles that drag us back. Depressing emotions due to slow speed
of our growth or lack of care around us or inability of doing things that we like and getting entitled only to responsibilities are in or the other way responsible for the internal drag. At all these times it's very easy to give up.
The only achievement after giving up on the task that we had determined to perform is that we get sufficient extra time to do the next tasks and nothing else. This extra time got also shall not be utilised properly because of sthe lack of motivation to complete the previous work would still carry it's inertial effects due to which even the next task shall get either delayed or undone. Giving up actually leads to losing of the battle within our innerselves. It brings down the respect that we have for our own decisions and commitments towards ourselves. If one cannot be committed to oneself for one's own benefits how can s/he be able to deliver promptly to the commitments made to others? However, all these thoughts do not occur to the human mind when the body and the lethargic self have taken control over the human mind and giving up seems to be easier than far and pushes one to give up easily.
It just follows the general rule of the world. Success seems to ask for extra hard work whilst failure is as easy as just giving up. Even if you fail after doing the complete work to the best of your capabilities then you only fail w.r.t your expectations and not the real work. You have just fallen, you need to once again rise up and start working towards your success using the lessons learnt from the previous fall. Failure is as easy as just giving up. You can write back to me on

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