Thursday, January 10, 2013

Don't complain if you can't change it

Oftentimes not all things that are happening around and with us are always right as per our expectations. Be it with our studies or work or business or even relationships with our colleagues or classmates or family. Whenever expectations of people are not met, they start complaining or whenever things are bit easier for others than that for them, people start complaining about those. Complaining will eat away only your mental energy and time. Instead of complaining, use the same to change the situation as per your needs if you can.
One who can set things as per his ambitions shall strive hard and hence will be able to set some things as per his will and wish. The same is not possible by everyone because not everyone is motivated enough towards working for the kind of life that they desire to have. Let's look at a very simple example. I am sure that you would have found people complaining about how far their office or college is from their homes. They just feel jealous of all those who live nearby the office or college. Whatever wrong happens they start blaming on the distance factor and the lot of time getting wasted in travel. It's the decision of the company owner or the owner of the institution to place the office or college as per his comfort w.r.t not only distance but even business and financial factors. If you are dependent on the office or college for your work or studies better go through the travel and not complain when you have no strength to build a business of yours which you can run in your own home or can study on your own without any college support.
If you want to really live a life as per your own comfort, better create such a life as well by yourself. You can never expect that all things shall be made as per your expectations everywhere. People create things for their own comfort and as per their requirements and not for someone else. If you still find certain stuff created by others that can make you feel happy just be grateful to such people. You can definitely not complain but may comment about this blog on

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