Monday, December 31, 2012

The triangle of life

Our life is balanced on three main factors. They are time, money and health. Humans wish to lead a very well-balanced life. It's difficult to
balance a see-saw which has two sides. Then you can imagine how difficult it is to balance something that has three sides. Our life is meant to be balanced on these three important factors. Let's see further as to how these 3 fulcrums of our lives control us.
If one wishes to have a very healthy life, s/he must be ready to invest good amount of money on good nutrition and proper medication alongwith sufficient amount of time for rest and recovery. On the other hand, if one wishes to have a lot of money in life then one should be ready to sacrifice health as long as s/he can manage to survive decently with medicinally controllable ailments and also will have to invest most of the time only in earning money rather than on family or friends or recreation or even self for that matter. On the third hand, if one wishes to just have sufficient time for his/her business or family then s/he must be ready to spend enough on quick transports and take risks of life to save enough time. Only those people who can find the best balance among all these 3 controlling factors of life can lead a happy successful life. Fortunately or unfortunately not every person seeming successful to your eyes is able to accomplish the best of the balance in life and is always in the pursuit of the same.

At any point in your life if you are feeling depressed or stressed out just ask yourself as to which of these three you are missing out on? Is it money or time or health. If you can point out anyone of these immediately try to lower the other two to regain the balance of life. Your opinions do matter to me on


  1. If i can add something. When any one of the thing is less. Rise Its level to other two to balance.

  2. Hey Mohan, good article.... This reminded me of one Akbar Birbal story where moral of the story was "God has 4 things to offer to every person on earth. They are Money, Intellect, Beauty and Strength/Health. Its our wish to choose 3 out of these 4. In very very rare cases, people have all 4 of these itseems."

    1. Hello Santhosh,

      I am glad that you are still following my posts. Thanks for the Birbal story.